Now I am a born and bred city girl! I love the hustle and bustle of living in a big city like London but sometimes you do want to slow down and take a time out! So despite being more Eastenders than Emmerdale I was still well up for a… View Post

Bloggers block, procrastination or lack of motivation!!! Whatever it is this tumbleweed crossing the proverbial path that is the creative part of my brain, seriously needs to piss off! I have seen alot of this up and down the bloggersphere recently! The freakout that preceeds the need for a bit… View Post

  I have expressed my fondness for high St beauty brand Essence many a time. For my lip edit piece click here, I Feel the need to go on because the quality of product for the price is brilliant. Today it’s all about nails. I love nails, nails are my… View Post

Ever since I got into  blogging consistently a little before christmas, I have quickly noticed the idiosyncrasies, nuances, trends etc that the communities bubble encompasses! It whittles down even more when just looking at the beauty and lifestyle sector I blog in and about. They often make me chuckle so this… View Post

Now I am a self confessed beauty junkie a bit obvious considering you are reading my beauty and lifestyle blog. I love nothing more than browsing the aisles of Boots, Superdrug, or the concessions at John Lewis, Space NK and Debenhams to name but a few, highstreet or high end I… View Post