I don’t care if it sounds cliche but I want my new year to start well and as healthy as I can…(those who know me will ironically laugh)….and with that I need (read want) a clean colon and protected,pimple free face. If jaws are hitting the floor at the thought… View Post

Strange ingredients are no stranger to beauty products! Once I used to balk at the thought of certain oddities..Remember the pigeon poop facials! but since falling head over heels in love with Korean Beauty random and apparently innovative ingredients are so de rigeur I don’t even bat an eyelash anymore!… View Post

I enjoy makeup I really do! But my application skills leave a lot to be desired at times, In my head I am Pat McGrath levels (ok not really) but in reality a bit more Koko the clown! I definitely think I fall into the ‘I love to have it’… View Post

*BEAUTY INDUSTRY NEWS ALERT* Bobbi Brown to step down from her company There are a number of cosmetic companies out there, many old school/heritage established; we are talking your Estee Lauders and your Diors, as well as many new school so to speak, the spotlight is on you Benefit, Urban Decay,… View Post